Wolfenstein - The Final Solution




The story didn't end in Wolfenstein Castle


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Wolfenstein - The Final Solution is a first-person shooter that presents itself as the spiritual successor to the legendary Wolfenstein 3D. This time around, your mission is to assassinate a nazi general and sabotage his plan to launch an aerial attack against Great Britain.

Gameplay in Wolfenstein - The Final Solution is practically identical to its predecessor. You'll advance through various levels in 3D, taking out all of your enemies with various weapons (pistol, knife, machine gun...) and collecting as much treasure as possible along the way.

The game's first mission places you outside of the nazi fortress where, in addition to enemy soldiers, you'll find land mines. Once you've completed that part, it's time to enter a more familiar location - the mansion's interior.

Wolfenstein - The Final Solution is a fun FPS that offers a fantastic playing experience despite its short length. It's especially recommended for anyone who still enjoys old school shooters.
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